24 Carat Gold Facial Mask x 5

Collagen mask infused with 24 carat gold nano-particles. 


The beauty benefits of gold have been known throughout history. Known as a Cleopatra facial these masks hydrate & brighten the skin. The nano-partical gold encourages collagen production & evens out fine lines.


Gold is a natural antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties, It can calm swelling and redness caused by blemishes or other irritations and it protects against the free radicals that lead to wrinkles and visible sun damage.



24 Carat Gold Facial Mask x 5

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  • - When using this product on a client with eyelash extensions prepare the mask in advance by making the eye holes larger so as not to damage the fresh lashes. 

    - Begin by cleansing the skin prior to using mask

    - Once mask is applied offer a mini facial massage applying gentle pressure & using acu points on the face. 

    - Peel the mask off and pat the skin dry with cotton pads. 

    - Finish this mini facial with a quality facial moisturiser and/or serum. Apply with makeup brush or long strokes to the face and necks with the hands.