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Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne 



Cosmetic Tattooing

Here at Lash Factory we offer a range of cosmetic tattoo services to our clients.
Our goal is always to achieve a natural look to suit their lifestyle needs and physical challenges.

Each client is an individual with specific tastes and visions. We listen to our clients needs and desired outcome rather than offering a “one size fits all” solution.


Our passion is enhancing your natural features using cosmetic tattooing and making a long-term difference in people’s lives and the way they feel about themselves.

Contact us to see more of Natalias past work.

What kind of cosmetic tattooing do we offer?

Microblading - A brow technique that creates realistic hair strokes on the brow area. This is a beautiful gentle technique which is designed to last a few years on the skin. Microblading can be applied by itself or combined with pixel/powder effect machine work to create a fuller brow.  

Ombre/Powder brow - This is a technique using a needle to create pixels or a powder effect on the brow. 

Combination Brows - This is a beautiful combo of microblading and machine work to create a natural hair stroke look with the enhancement of the machine work powder effect for more definition.

Lip tattoo - Lip tattoo can be used to create a subtle colour wash / blush on the lips or a full lipstick effect. 


Eyeliner tattoo - We offer a natural lash enhancement as well as eyeliner tattoo with a wing. Contact us for more info or to ask any questions about cosmetic tattooing!

*During your consultation at your appointment we will discuss your desired result with you and tailor your design to your needs. Brow shape and styling will always be designed and cleared with you before we start any PMU work* 

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